How it works

Full Service

Each table gets equipped with a unique code. The guest enters the code and can now order and pay. The order ends up directly in the POS system including the correct table number and is printed out as a receipt. The service brings the order to the table, and the guest is satisfied.

Of course it is up to each guest, how to order.


More reorders

Of course, if the service is nearby, guests will order at the service. Ergo, all orders over igetnow are additional.

Always enough staff

Compensate personnel fluctuations. Peak times or sick days are now easy to manage. Machines don’t get tired.

Cut paths in half

Your staff will save 50% of the walk. Instead of hustle and bustle, you now have time for your guests.

Self Service

Your guests will find a hint on their table to this additional order option. „Don’t stand in line. You can easily order and pay with your own smartphone.“  As soon as the order is ready for pickup, the guest gets an automatic SMS with a three digit pickup code. The incoming orders go directly into your POS system and are printed out as a receipt including the pickup code.


Shorter queue

Since your guests can already order from the table, the queue is getting way shorter. They just order and cashier themselves.

More reorders

Your guests can order without having to queue up. Have another drink real quick? No problem.

Harmony with existing systems

Guests without a smartphone get a pager. Guests ordering via smartphone will receive an SMS.


Your guests can preorder for lunch from their officees and specify the desired pickup time. As soon as the order is ready, the guest will receive an SMS. The guest navigates in a program in your own CI from order to pickup. You are in control of everything.


Lean process

Your staff can focus on the important core tasks.

Loyal regulars

Your regulars can order without detours. A link is enough.

Your platform means your control

The entire ordering process is in your control. It’s your relationship.

Guests can order instantly
– no app required –

Igetnow is not an app, but a web-based service that works on-site with any smartphone and in any browser.