Frequently asked questions

Questions about the program

Does igetnow work on every device?

Yes, every smartphone, tablet, laptop and everything that has a browser can be used to order through igetnow.

Can you present daily changing offers?

Yes, offers, happy hours and everything that goes with them are child’s play for igetnow.

How do guests react?

We have noticed that some of the guests like it. They accept the additional service thankfully. Another part prefers the classic way. Igetnow is best compared to the well known self-service cash registers in a large Swedish furniture store chain: As soon as there is a lot of pressure, the self-service station is increasingly becoming more interesting for more conservative guests.

I already use pagers. Do I still need igetnow?

You can keep your pagers, because igetnow harmonizes with the existing system. Example: Guests without a smartphone are waiting in line and get a pager. Guests ordering via smartphone can sit down once and receive an SMS as soon as the order is ready for pickup.

What do I need to get started?

If your POS system is already our partner, you do not need any hardware. Otherwise, you only need a standard tablet. We recommend a minimum size of 10 inches and the Chrome browser.

Who enters my menu?

Normally, it is already done with the connection to your POS system. If not, we’ll do it for free. You can also easily make changes yourself.

Do you provide marketing material?

If you decide to use our brand and our domain, we can pay for all materials on site. When using our whitelabel option, where your guests will find a page completely branded to your CI, we are happy to advise you. Please understand that we can not pay for the costs in this case.

What do I do with my outside area?

We have waterproof and UV-resistant stickers for the tables. They last a very long time and survive frost with ease.

How do I change my prices, articles etc.?

This is done automatically by the changes in your POS system. You can also easily change your entire menu yourself. With just a few clicks.

Questions about POS systems

How much does the connection to my POS system cost?

If your POS system is already our partner, the connection is normally free of charge. Should your POS system not yet participate, we are happy to get in contact to check if a free connection is possible.

How do I set up the integration?

No worries. We do that. The details depend on the POS system. As a rule, it only takes a few minutes and does not require any action on your part.

Where do I see which systems are already working?

We make every effort to connect all relevant systems. Many are already there. You can find an overview here. If your system is not yet listed, please contact us here. Maybe a partnership is already planned. In addition, the more customers are in favor of the connection of a specific system, the higher the connection is prioritized with us.

My POS system can not integrate igetnow. What now?

No problem. Igetnow also works easily without your POS system. We install an information terminal on site, where all orders are received. At the end of the day, the already paid orders simply have to be typed into your system. Thanks to the simple item overview, it only takes a few seconds a day.

Questions about security

Can I count on igetnow being available?

We strive for a most complete availability of igetnow. Important updates are therefore also carried out in the early morning hours of Central European Time. Normally, you should therefore not take note of maintenance work, etc. We also guarantee a contractually agreed availability of at least 99%.

What about the transfer of data to third parties?

There is a simple answer: We never share data with third parties. The hosting happens only in Germany.

How is my data protected from third parties?

We do everything we can to protect all data on the platform from access by third parties. In addition, we only use secure data connections.

Questions about legal matters

Is there a runtime? How do I cancel?

We do not conclude any term contracts. Our fees depend on the order volume. So you can use igetnow completely risk-free and of course pause or cancel at any time. Your termination is best addressed to

Is the GDPR be taken into account?

Igetnow is fully GDPR compliant. Each guest is initially informed about the current cookie policy. In addition, prior to each order, our current privacy policy must be accepted. We only collect the absolutely necessary personal data, also to save your guests time.

Wo kann ich die Vertragsbedingungen einsehen?

Alle Vertragsbedingungen sind in unseren AGB festgehalten und offengelegt. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns für ein individuelles Angebot. Über die AGB hinaus schließen wir nur Verträge mit Gastro-Ketten.

Werden die GoBD berücksichtigt?

Igetnow kann unter jeglichen Grundvoraussetzungen GoBD konform eingesetzt werden. Was Sie speziell zu beachten haben, erklären wir Ihnen gerne in einem Gespräch. Die Handhabe hängt jeweils davon ab, ob sie igetnow als Full Service, Self Service oder Pickup Tool verwenden möchten und ob sie Zahlungen über die igetnow Plattform akzeptieren.

Am I obliged to accept incoming orders?

You should accept all orders as far as possible. If the order is already paid by the guest, he will in any case have a right to his order or to refund his payment. Igetnow does not sanction the ignoring of orders, but points out continuously when orders are left open with our telephone call mechanism.