Full Service or Pick Up?

Let your guests order and pay at terminals or with their own smartphones – without a f*****g app.

Gastro Revolution has begun

In the next generation of „smart restaurants,“ technology continues to connect with the lives of consumers. So, on one hand, enormous costs can be saved, on the other hand, there are enormous new up-sell opportunities for smart restaurants. Our maxim is to cunfigure this process as simple as can be for all those involved. Guests need to be able to order at any time and all employees have to undestand how to deal with those orders. A good self-order solution must be perfectly tailored to your catering concept. From choosing the ideal payment provider for your region and average shopping cart size, to creating the design of software and hardware, that suits your brand in the best way.

The Self Service Concept:
Order and Pick Up.

Guests order in-store with their smartphone or an order terminal.
Once the order is ready, your guests pick up the order at a counter.

The Full Service Concept:
Bring the order to the table.

Offer your guests a new innovative way to place orders anytime they want.
So guests can even order when the waiter is busy.

Customized Whitelabel Solutions

We develop professional whitelabel solutions in your CI
and proudly offer a wide selection of order kiosk designs.



Food Courts

Cafeterias & Canteens

The Real Revolution

Understand what yourguests really want before they know it themselves. Which beverages will be popular this week and far more: From A / B testing of menu layouts, dynamic pricing, demand forecasts, to personalized offers through artificial intelligence. We got it all.

Personalized offers

Personal offers, optimized and tailored to each individual guest.

Artificial Intelligence

A learning system for your brand. It learns with every order.


Individual whitelabel solution according to your own ideas. Whether software or hardware.

A/B Testing

Test price differences, orders of courts, additional offers etc.

Multi-Location Dashboard

The full overview with all the total evaluations for all branches.

Full Setup

Software setup or order terminal setup – we take care of it.

Free advice.
Talk to us about our favorite topic.

The gastronomic revolution is starting now and the new possibilities are limitless.
We talk about almost nothing else and look forward to an interesting conversation with you.