Order to table or pickup?

Your guests order and pay with their own Smartphone – without an app.


Our payment methods

Full Service

The guest orders (voluntarily) with the smartphone. The order is brought to the table. Guests can order even if no waiter sees them.

Self Service

Guests do not have to queue up. They can order with their smartphone and receive an SMS when the order is ready for pickup.

Order in advance

The guest orders and pays comfortably from his or her home or office and picks up the order on site at a selected time.

If guests can order all the time, they’ll order way more.

Guests can order any time now, not just when the waiter sees them. This is resulting in far more orders.

Let me see the study

No download nor app required

Guests can order immediately with their smartphone. Not even Wi-Fi is necessary.

Service level: 100 %

Guests can order anytime or call the service. No order is lost. Neatless service.

Order in any language

The menu is displayed in any language depending on the guest’s browser settings.

Improved guest experience

The quality of service can be increased, since average waiting times are shortened and incorrect orders are excluded.

Functions for your regulars

Regulars can see their past shopping carts and mark their favorite foods for an even smoother experience.

No staff shortages

Igetnow compensates for staff shortages and at the same time saves walking distances so there’s more time for your guests.

A selection of our customers

Our customers are voluntarily with us, because they could quit every day.

Multi location view

Get the full overview of all your branches. Through simple A / B testing, single and total evaluations, you can create the perfect self service system for your brand.


For major customers, we develop an individual whitelabel solution according to your own ideas. The entire presentation corresponds to your own CI and is even on your own domain. There is no indication of an external solution.


Find out what your customers really want, at which time they’ll drink which beverage or what offer is best for them: from A / B testing of menu layouts, dynamic pricing, demand forecasting, to personalized offers through artificial intelligence and more.


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