It won`t get easier!

Order with your Smartphone in Restaurants, Bars & Cafés.
No App. No Download.

What is igetnow?

igetnow allows patrons to order food and drinks with their own smartphone. Due to low entry barriers our clients significantly increase their overall turnover. A download is not necessary – igetnow is not an app.

The Advantages

1: Increased Order Numbers

Guests can order anytime without having to wait for a waiter.
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2: Reduce Staff Cost

With igetnow your patrons don’t necessarily have to wait until a waiter recognizes their need. Orders are sent to the kitchen or bar in real time.
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No order is lost

With igetnow we help to fulfill every single wish your patrons have. Your guests can order at any time not only when a waiter checks on them. igetnow helps to increase order size and  volume.

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How does it work?

Super easy.

  • 1: Order

    There is a sticker with a unique code on every table ( CCR72). The patron submits the code on Here he will find your menu and can order without even downloading an app. igetnow is browser based for additional convenience.

  • 2: Receive

    The order arrives on your tablet or POS system. Due to the code you can see what table the order comes from. Your staff now handles the order as per usual.

  • 3: Enjoy

    The guest receives the order and is super impressed by the incredible software you use. Ps: Don’t worry – we prevent wastage / fake orders through multiple software solutions.

Why not try it?

We are so convinced that you are going to love our software, that we allow you to test our service free of charge.